About Us

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What We Can Do for You

When you have been injured or a loved has been killed by the careless actions of someone else, the problems you face can be very difficult to overcome. You now must deal with medical appointments or funeral arrangements, and must somehow get by with less income and more expenses. In addition, you have also now entered a new legal world that is confusing and frustrating because it runs on complicated rules that you have never even heard of before.

We are here to help. Your task is to heal and get your life back together again. We’re here to do the rest.

When you hired us, we took on the vast responsibilities to gather the information and facts about your accident, to conduct liability investigations, to analyze the medical records, to deal with all the insurance companies and to handle all the paperwork. If your case involves a motor vehicle, we’ll also help get your medical bills and lost wages paid through the “Personal Injury Protection” (PIP) benefits of your own automobile insurance policy.

We’ll negotiate with the at-fault person’s insurance company, and we’ll do everything necessary to get you fully paid for all your losses. When necessary (and with your approval), we’ll also file the necessary paperwork to take your case to court.

We’re with you every step of the way, from the moment we accept your case until it’s finally resolved. Your case may be settled through “informal negotiations,” “mediation,” “arbitration,” or “jury trial.” Regardless of which process is used, you will always be the one to decide whether to accept or reject an offer to settle. We’ll help you understand your options at each point of decision, so that you can decide what is right for you. If the insurance company agrees to pay a fair amount, an out-of-court settlement is the best option. But if the insurance company won’t deal fairly, we are fully able and willing to take your case to court.

What We Don’t Do

Some law firms handle many types of cases in many different areas of the law. We are focused on only one area: personal injury. That’s it. We help people when someone hurts them. Because we focus on just personal injury, we know the law very well and can help you far better than if we tried to keep up-to-date in many different areas of law. This means we don’t handle divorce or criminal cases; we don’t write wills and trusts; we don’t do bankruptcies or real estate transactions or collect bad debts. Instead, we concentrate just on personal injury cases so that we can hone our skills and provide the very best service for our clients.

We further limit our practice to helping only “plaintiffs” (the people who have been injured). We do not work for insurance companies or defend wrongdoers (“defendants”). Not because we don’t think defendants need legal advice, and not because we think insurance companies are bad. It’s because we believe that consistently serving one side avoids any conflict of our interests. We believe we can offer our best work if we only represent the victims.

Details About Us

Mr. Andersen has been an Oregon trial attorney for over three decades. He has represented clients in almost every type of personal injury and wrongful death case. Whether the injury is modest, major, or catastrophic, each case receives his devoted attention and service. He understands that a serious injury causes many other losses to those harmed, and to their families. He provides clients with skilled and dedicated legal services, while at the same time showing courtesy and respect to the other side.

The law firm is highly respected in the legal community, receiving many referrals from prior clients, insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, retired judges, and community doctors. Mr. Andersen is passionate about attending legal education seminars, each year spending many more hours in continuing legal education than the law requires. He has published a number of scholarly articles. He stays current in new laws and tracks interesting legal developments.