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bus-accidentMore and more people are riding buses, including commuters going to and from work, children on school buses, athletes going to and from competitions, and tourists taking trips to enjoy the sights.

Buses (and any other form of public transportation including airplanes, trains, and taxi-cabs) are “common carriers.” As such they owe a duty of utmost care (“the highest degree of care and skill practicable to exercise”). This means that such common carriers must exercise a heightened level of care when transporting members of the public.

Bus accidents can involve passengers or people outside the bus. If you have been injured by a bus (or any other means of public transportation) you may have a claim. Because many buses are owned or operated by city or government agencies, there are special (and shortened) deadlines of as little as 180 days from the date of injury to give notice of your intended claim. In our free interview we can tell you more specifically what this deadline is after learning the facts of your case.