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car-accidentA bad driver’s automobile insurance company is required to pay for injuries caused by the bad driver. “Vehicle accidents” include injuries that happen in cars, motorcycles, by semi-tractor/trailers, or any other motorized vehicle made for use on public roads.

Sometimes the bad driver has no insurance, or has too little insurance to fully compensate the injury victim. In those instances, the injured person can turn to the “uninsured motorist coverage” (UM) or “under-insured motorist coverage” (UIM) provisions of her own automobile insurance policy to compensate her for her losses. Both uninsured and under-insured policies also cover the passengers in the insured car. The passengers’ automobile insurance policies also provide the same or similar benefits. Determining which insurance policy is “primary” (and therefore pays first) can get very complicated. If you bring your insurance policy to the free interview we can help you understand the insurance available to cover your loss, after hearing the facts of your case.