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fast-semiCommercial trucking accidents are especially frightening because of the sheer size and weight of these massive semi-tractor/trailers and other commercial trucking vehicles.

Because multiple insurance policies may be involved, trucking accidents can become complex quickly. The truck may be insured by one company, the trailer by another company, and the cargo by a third company. Knowing precisely how you were hurt is the key to identify the correct insurance carrier. Vital evidence must be found and preserved. Because of the potential of especially serious injuries, commercial trucking companies must maintain much higher insurance limits than private car owners. Because identifying the right insurance companies is very important and commercial shipping business relationships can be complex, you should contact an attorney if you have been seriously harmed in a trucking accident. Some of the evidence will disappear quickly and if you’re talking to the wrong company, or sue the wrong company and the deadline passes, you will lose your claim.