Hit & Run

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hit-and-runSometimes the driver of a car will hit someone and then speed off, hoping not to be caught. The victim may be in another car, or on a bike, or just walking down the street. Sometimes the bad driver is never caught. If you have been the victim of a hit and run driver, it is critical that you report the incident to the police within 72 hours. If you can provide sufficient evidence that a “phantom vehicle” caused your injuries, and if you have reported the incident to the police within 72 hours, then your own insurance company must cover your losses under the “phantom vehicle” provision of your insurance policy. Be certain to obtain names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses who saw the accident, and provide that information to the police. Photographs of the scene of the accident and of any property damage will also help establish your hit and run claim.

If the hit and run victim is a member of your household, your auto insurance will also cover them. We can help you understand your rights under your own insurance policy.