Nursing Home Abuse

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elder-careWhen elderly and disabled people are placed in the custody and care of foster homes, nursing homes, and residential care facilities, sometimes they are neglected and even abused by those being paid to care for them. If your loved one has suffered such abuse, she may have a claim for nursing home abuse or neglect. Nursing home abuse is a form of elder abuse. It can be difficult to describe because of the many forms that such neglect or abuse can take, but at its core it is taking advantage of a vulnerable elderly person. Some professional facilities that offer care for the elderly become more interested in their profits than in their patients. Such facilities sometimes hire caregivers who have little or no experience in patient care, and then assign too few caregivers to too many patients. Such undertrained and under-staffed care providers are overwhelmed with too much to do. While this may be profitable to the corporate giant that owns and operates the local care facility, it is very hard on the vulnerable elderly patient who may not be able to describe her sufferings. If you have a loved one in such a care facility, visit them often and observe conditions carefully. If you suspect any neglect, bring it to the attention of the administrator, and if necessary to government authorities.

If you discover that a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact us for a free interview to understand the elderly person’s rights.