Nursing home abuse lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Oregon

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Oregon

If you’ve noticed a sudden change in your loved one’s mood, they might be suffering from nursing home abuse – and a nursing home abuse attorney in Oregon can help you get the justice you both deserve. It’s heartbreaking to see our elders treated uncaringly while living in nursing homes, and although many nursing homes and assisting living facilities take steps to ensure our loved ones are looked after, the sad reality is that more and more cases of neglect and abuse surface every year.

When your loved one lives at a nursing home, one of the most concerning developments to look out for is neglect, especially malnutrition. Abuse can take all forms (ranging from physical to emotional) and of these forms of abuse, malnutrition leaves one of the most serious marks on overall health, more so in the very young and the very old. If you suspect your elderly parent or relative is experiencing nursing home abuse, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms, and you should know how a nursing home abuse attorney can help.

Nursing Home Malnutrition

People slow down as they get older – it’s a fact of life. One of the most obvious signs of this eventual slowing is our appetite: Many older adults don’t feel like eating as much, or they might grow out of enjoying certain foods they couldn’t go without when they were younger. There are many reasons behind a lack of appetite, and although abuse can result in malnutrition, sometimes an older loved one just doesn’t feel like eating as much as they used to: Taste buds change with age, and some medication has side effects that can lead to a loss of appetite as well. Other older folks who experienced a stroke may also have difficulty eating.

Even if a loss of appetite comes naturally to many people as they age, you should never rule out potential malnutrition. If a loved one has exhibited a sudden change in mood that’s just not characteristic of their usual self, you need to start asking questions. And if the evidence indicates potential abuse, you need to start looking for the right nursing home abuse attorney. 

Constant bad moods or long term depression are usually the biggest signs that all is not well at your loved one’s nursing home. You might want to check to see if their clothing fits looser than you remember, and if you’re able to look in their personal fridge, moldy or spoiled food might be an indicator that your loved one isn’t eating as much as they should. Additionally, wounds that take a long time to heal may also show a lack of nutrition.

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Abuse comes in all forms. Our elders deserve to be treated with the respect they deserve, and if they’re abused in any way while living in a nursing home, they should receive justice just like anyone else. Abuse doesn’t always have to be physical: Neglect leads to depression, malnutrition, and altogether miserable living conditions. But it doesn’t have to be final. Reach out to a nursing home abuse attorney Oregon can trust, and contact Andersen Morse & Linthorst today.

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