Elder Abuse

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eldersElder abuse can happen anywhere—in the elder’s own home, in a relative’s house, or at a nursing care facility. The abuse can be physical or emotional, or even financial. Elder abuse is difficult to define because it takes so many different forms, but at its core it is taking advantage of a person who is vulnerable. This can range from physical abuse (like beating or neglect) to sexual assault, isolation, theft or abandonment (leaving an elderly person alone who cannot care for herself). The effects of this abuse can range from serious injuries (such as broken bones or bed sores) to financial ruin (theft of the elderly person’s assets by a trusted caregiver, family member or clever salesman) and even to death (in cases of severe abuse or neglect).

Elder abuse isn’t always intentional. Caregivers are sometimes overwhelmed, or tired, or just plain careless. An elderly person who has been harmed either intentionally or negligently may have a claim for abuse. If you or your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, please contact us for a free interview with no obligation.