Bicycle Accident Lawyer Medford, Oregon

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Medford, OregonBicycle Accident Lawyer Medford OR

When you have sustained an injury from a bicycle accident, you may need the help of a Medford, OR bicycle accident lawyer from Andersen & Linthorst. Especially if the accident was caused by another moving vehicle like a car or a truck, it is likely that you were injured worse than the driver. If you are wondering about the kinds of injuries you can suffer in a bike accident and how you can get legal representation to help get compensation for these injuries, our bicycle accident lawyers in Medford, Oregon want you to know you can count on us. We represent many clients who have been injured while they were obeying the law and riding their bicycles. Even if you are unsure of who is at fault for the accident, you can go over the details with us and we will gather evidence. Please call us now for a consultation. 

What are the types of bicycle injuries?

A bicycle accident lawyer Medford residents trust knows there are many injuries you can sustain while riding your bicycle and they can fall under a few different categories. We have seen some bicyclists walk away after sustaining minor, temporary injuries, while others have permanent and even life-threatening injuries. Bicyclists are more at danger for injuries, and the most common places they will sustain an injury are their legs, arms, head, and neck.


  • Sustaining Musculoskeletal Injuries. Some of the most common injuries a bicyclist will sustain in an accident are musculoskeletal injuries. Some examples are:


      1. Broken Arms
      2. Broken Legs
      3. Injured Spinal Cord
      4. Back Injuries


  • Sustaining Head Injuries. Head injuries are also very common in bicyclists who have been in an accident, even if they were wearing the proper safety gear. If you sustained a head injury, it may be:


      1. A Cerebral Contusion
      2. A Concussion
      3. A Skull Fracture


  • Face Injuries. Face injuries are also common because typically there is nothing to protect the face during an accident. Although the bicyclist may be wearing a helmet, they can still hurt their face or eyes during an accident.


    1. Dental Fractures/Injuries
    2. Facial or Jaw Fractures
    3. Facial Scrapes or Lacerations
    4. Eye Lacerations or Punctures

These are just some of the injuries that bicyclists may sustain in addition to internal bleeding, whiplash, sprains, or bruising. One of the most important things you can do after getting into a bicycle accident is to see a doctor immediately, even if you are unsure of the injuries you have sustained. Many injuries may not present right away which can lead to serious consequences down the road. 

Getting Legal Help From a Trusted Medford, OR Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When you are suffering from serious medical problems and property damage after someone else caused a crash, we can help you get your life back on track, your medical bills paid, and compensation for what was taken from you. This is why you should contact Andersen & Linthorst to see how a bicycle accident lawyer in Medford, OR can help you. 

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