Bicycle Accident Lawyer Medford OR

July 27, 2019

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Medford OR

Personal injuries from bike accidents are not to be taken lightly. Another party’s negligent behavior bicycle accident lawyer Medford ORcan cause substantial damage to another person’s well-being. Consequently, a victim and their bicycle accident lawyer in Medford, Oregon need to ensure that those who in engage in carelessness, recklessness, wrongful conduct, and negligence are held responsible for their actions. 

At Andersen Morse & Linthorst, each Medford OR bicycle accident lawyer understands that if you have been harmed by another’s actions, filing a lawsuit against them may seem like an uphill climb at such an overwhelming time. However, help and support you throughout the process, so that your main focus can center around recovering your health.

Insurance companies generally value their bottom line over making sure you get the compensation you deserve for your harm. They want to settle personal injury claim by paying as little financial compensation as possible. If they can get away with it, many will work to avoid paying a claim altogether. A Medford OR bicycle accident lawyer at Andersen Morse & Linthorst will fight to ensure you are given proper compensation following your accident or injury.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury cases can help bring justice when negligence directly results in harm to others. Many times these disputes can be settled out of court. In other instances, however, the injured party in the case must pursue formal litigation to receive fair compensation. The party who has suffered a personal injury (the plaintiff) can hire legal representation, whose job it is to prove that the negligent party (the defendant) committed an act of negligence, and as a result, the plaintiff suffered harm or injury.

These cases can be settled in varying ways, including outside settlement, legal proceedings, and mediation or arbitration. In mediation or arbitration, both parties involved in the dispute participate in proceedings similar to in-court litigation. However, it is done on a voluntarily and is not court-mandated. Arbitration or mediation are more formal proceedings than out-of-court settlements but are not as formal as court proceedings.

Common Personal Injury Cases 

There are many and varied instances which result in personal injury lawsuits. In addition to bike accidents, the legal team from Andersen Morse & Linthorst can also litigate:


  • Motor vehicle accidents arise from the negligence of other motorists, truck drivers, commercial vehicle drivers, bus drivers, and motorcycle accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents such as texting while driving, drowsy driving, falling asleep at the wheel, driving while intoxicated, or driving without insurance.
  • Dog bites or animal attack injuries sustained by adults and children.
  • Wrongful death claims involving tragic fatalities.
  • Product defects which cause harm or injury to the user.


You’ve Been Injured in Personal Injury—Now What?

It is crucial that personal injury victims consult a medical professional as soon as possible after the incident. They can assess your harm and document the nature and extent of any damage you have sustained during the injurious event. This medical documentation can be critical evidence for determining how much monetary compensation you should be awarded.

Once you are physically able, contact Andersen Morse & Linthorst to handle your personal injury case. You will likely need to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. We strive to get our clients the most favorable outcome possible. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation with a bicycle accident lawyer Medford OR victims recommend.