We have represented thousands of injury victims. Our settlements and verdicts include catastrophic cases that have resulted in multi-million dollar results. Our office has a number of verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million and even $10 million. We also accept smaller cases in which ordinary people have had their lives disrupted by the carelessness of others.

Some firms will post on their website a prize list of their top dollar cases to convince you to hire them. We do not do this for a very simple reason: every case is different. Only a jury or arbitration panel can tell you absolutely what your case is worth – and then, only after a trial or arbitration. Your case may be somewhat similar to another case in the same area of the law, but the facts of your case are unique. This means the value of your case cannot be determined solely by reference to other somewhat similar cases. We therefore do not want to mislead you by showing you a brag list of our cases.

In all cases, we provide each client the same first-rate legal service because each case is important to that person. We enjoy challenging cases that achieve a successful outcome. Some of our proudest achievements have been outstanding verdicts or settlements in cases when the insurance company for the other side had at first denied any responsibility or had offered only a small sum but through our efforts (after legal analysis, depositions, arbitration, mediation, or trial) were inspired or compelled to pay fully and fairly for all the harms.

Also serving Ashland, Jacksonville, Applegate, White City, Central Point, Eagle Point, and people all over the State of Oregon