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When a person has suffered injury or death because of an unreasonably dangerous product, that person (or his heirs) is entitled to be compensated by the manufacturer (and seller) of the product because of its dangerous flaw.  The injured person who makes such a claim benefits society by calling attention to the dangerous product so that others may avoid similar losses. Some products have design defects, others have manufacturing flaws, and others may have inadequate warnings or instructions for safe use. If you or a loved one have been injured by a dangerous product, do not destroy or alter the product in any way, and do not give it back to the manufacturer or seller. Keep the product in a safe place for evidence and consult an attorney to learn how to preserve your rights.

15 most harmful items in America

As anyone who has actually stepped on a plastic toy in the middle of the night can tell you, a house can be loaded with dangers. A sore foot is the least of your concerns, however, at least according to information put together by HealthGrove.com. If you encounter one of these you may need to reach out to a dangerous product attorney in Oregon at the law offices of Andersen & Linthorst. Utilizing information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the site created a list of the most dangerous items in America, based on the average variety of injuries caused each year. Here are 25 of the thing you need to watch out for:


  • Average yearly injuries: 96,266
  • Average yearly deaths: 0

Twisted ankles, broken arms– all sorts of bumps and swellings are blamed on trampolines.


  • Average yearly injuries: 98,679
  • Average annual deaths: 35

Occurrences typically involve people being crushed or pierced by fencing


  • Average yearly injuries: 101,077
  • Typical yearly deaths: 0

People don’t think about it however high heels– and running shoes– are blamed for many injuries, primarily twisted ankles.


  • Average annual injuries: 106,758
  • Average annual deaths: 9

Experts state wearing helmets and security gear can avoid a great number of skateboarding injuries.

Glass and glass containers

  • Typical annual injuries: 108,331
  • Average yearly deaths: 7

Broken drinking glasses, soda bottles, jars, glass tubing and– obviously– alcohol bottles– can be unsafe.

Porches and balconies

  • Typical yearly injuries: 120,989
  • Typical yearly deaths: 54

Balcony collapses are particularly dangerous and can be lethal.


  • Average yearly injuries: 121,371
  • Average yearly deaths: 178

The all-terrain vehicles are quick, heavy and offer little security to passengers. Young people are especially prone to injury.

If an ATV malfunctions you may need to contact a a dangerous product attorney in Oregon at the law offices of Andersen & Linthorst. 

Garden tools (excluding lawn mowers)

  • Average yearly Injuries: 122,951
  • Typical yearly deaths: 83

These injuries are impacting more males than ladies on average.

Ladders and step stools

  • Typical yearly injuries: 131,389.
  • Typical annual deaths: 35

You can learn more about ladder safety here


  • Average annual injuries: 152,074
  • Typical annual deaths: 66

Cleaning up products, fertilizer and paint are usually cited in injury reports.

Pools and hot tubs

  • Typical yearly injuries: 156,536
  • Typical yearly deaths: 542

Drownings and hypothermia are the chief concerns with swimming pools and jacuzzis. Discover more about swimming pool and water security here.

Plastic containers

  • Typical yearly injuries: 169,605.
  • Average yearly deaths: 48

This classification consists of plastic bottles, containers, plastic bags and plastic wrapping products. Remarkably, the biggest age group for this injury is Americans ages 41 to 60.

Power tools

  • Average annual injuries: 196,361.
  • Typical yearly deaths: 33.

Power-tool-related injuries are on the rise in the U.S. Nail guns, saws and wood chippers are among the most dangerous.

Showers and bathtubs

  • Average yearly injuries: 228,673.
  • Average annual deaths: 169.

It’s not drowning that’s constantly the problem – it’s slipping on damp surface areas that trigger the most issues.

Playground equipment

  • Average yearly injuries: 234,093.
  • Average annual deaths: 14.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency clinics deal with over 200,000 children under the age of 15 for playground-related injuries each year in the U.S. The CDC estimates that these injuries cost approximately $1.2 billion overall.

Reach out to a dangerous product attorney in Oregon at the law offices of Andersen & Linthorst today.

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