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Sexual assault is devastating. It dramatically changes the survivor’s outlook and how she feels about herself and others. Understanding that sexual assault victims have been traumatized and have experienced intense emotional pain, we compassionately help them through the legal process. You are not alone.

Taking your emotional self back from the abuser after sexual assault is an incredibly personal process involving deep emotions and time. You probably have experienced depression, confusion, shame, and anger, among other complex emotions all knotting together. Sometimes the hardest step of all is realizing that someone could be evil enough to commit such horrifying crimes, and that he did it to you. This process of admitting the abuse to yourself and then telling someone else can take years, sometimes decades.

For some survivors, legal accountability for the abuser and the institution that unleashed him upon you is an important part of that healing process. A lawsuit can be empowering. While a lawsuit may not be a good option for everyone, just talking with a lawyer about your options and rights can help you make the decision that is right for you. Even if you choose not to pursue legal options, you can talk to us for free and we’ll help you understand your rights and how the system works.

Sexual abusers can be brought to trial in two main forums: criminal and civil. Criminal law punishes the abuser, primarily by sentencing him to jail or prison. Civil law obtains money to compensate the victim for the harms and losses suffered. While money can never fully make up for what happened to you, it can help restore dignity and compensate you in other meaningful ways. Money can also help you get the counseling and medical care you need to cope with what happened. The rules and deadlines regarding sexual abuse cases can be complicated. We can show you your options so that you can decide what is best for you. Remember, you are not alone. We are here to stand up for you.

Most common types of sexual abuse causing the need for a sexual abuse victims attorney in Oregon

Sexual Assault

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) specifies sexual assault as sexual contact or habits devoted without the victim’s explicit approval. A wrongdoer might use physical violence, coercion or manipulation when sexually attacking a victim. Contact Andersen & Linthorst for information. 

Sexual assault can take place to anyone. No matter how the occurrence takes place, it is never the victim’s fault.

Types Of Sexual Assault

  • Rape (attempted or completed).
  • Unwanted touching, groping or fondling.
  • Requiring a victim to perform a sexual act (such as masturbation, oral or anal sex).

Typical Perpetrators Of Sexual Assault

Anybody can be a wrongdoer of sexual assault. Often, victims know their wrongdoers.

According to RAINN, the victim knows the perpetrator in approximately 74% of reported sexual assaults. The wrongdoer may be a relative, better half, previous better half or associate of the victim.

Sexual Assault Vs. Rape

The terms “sexual assault” and “rape” are not synonymous. Rape is one form of sexual assault. Nevertheless, not every incident of sexual assault includes rape. If you are unsure reach out to a Andersen & Linthorst sexual abuse victims attorney in Oregon.

Rape is typically specified as sexual penetration without permission. However, every state specifies these terms differently in a legal setting.

Go to RAINN to discover how your state specifies these terms and punishes these actions.

Sexual Harassment

Unwanted sexual advances include any behavior of a sexual nature directed at a reluctant individual. It can be spoken, visual or physical.

Unwanted sexual advances and requests for sexual favors are also forms of unwanted sexual advances.

Typical Perpetrators Of Sexual Harassment

Anyone can be a perpetrator of unwanted sexual advances. Sexual harassment is frequently committed by those in a position of power. A supervisor may sexually bother a subordinate. An older student may sexually bug a younger student.

Sexual harassment is most often talked about in venues such as the workplace or on school campuses. Sexual harassment can take place anywhere by anybody.

What Is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual misbehavior is a broad term that can explain a wide variety of inappropriate sexual habits or actions. Depending on the definition, the term may or not consist of acts of unwanted sexual advances.

The term is frequently used in work environments or discovering environments and consists of standard procedures. Thus, the definition differs based on the context. For example, a company typically defines sexual misbehavior based on their own values and work environment etiquette.

Sexual assault

Sexual abuse usually refers to sexual activity with a victim who is not able to offer approval.

The term is most commonly utilized when describing sex devoted against a minor. This is likewise known as child sexual abuse.

Vulnerable grownups can also be victims of sexual abuse. Adults with psychological or handicaps along with older grownups who count on help from others are susceptible to sexual abuse.

For instance, many older grownups residing in assisted care facilities or senior centers are victims of sexual assault. In fact, sexual assault is simply one aspect of older abuse.

The terms “sexual attack” and “rape” are not associated. Rape is one form of sexual assault. Not every event of sexual attack includes rape.

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