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Sexual Abuse Victims

Sexual assault is devastating. It dramatically changes the survivor’s outlook and how she feels about herself and others. Understanding that sexual assault victims have been traumatized and have experienced intense emotional pain, we compassionately help them through the legal process. You are not alone.

Taking your emotional self back from the abuser after sexual assault is an incredibly personal process involving deep emotions and time. You probably have experienced depression, confusion, shame, and anger, among other complex emotions all knotting together. Sometimes the hardest step of all is realizing that someone could be evil enough to commit such horrifying crimes, and that he did it to you. This process of admitting the abuse to yourself and then telling someone else can take years, sometimes decades.

For some survivors, legal accountability for the abuser and the institution that unleashed him upon you is an important part of that healing process. A lawsuit can be empowering. While a lawsuit may not be a good option for everyone, just talking with a lawyer about your options and rights can help you make the decision that is right for you. Even if you choose not to pursue legal options, you can talk to us for free and we’ll help you understand your rights and how the system works.

Sexual abusers can be brought to trial in two main forums: criminal and civil. Criminal law punishes the abuser, primarily by sentencing him to jail or prison. Civil law obtains money to compensate the victim for the harms and losses suffered. While money can never fully make up for what happened to you, it can help restore dignity and compensate you in other meaningful ways. Money can also help you get the counseling and medical care you need to cope with what happened. The rules and deadlines regarding sexual abuse cases can be complicated. We can show you your options so that you can decide what is best for you. Remember, you are not alone. We are here to stand up for you.

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