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The following information provides answers to questions frequently asked by our clients regarding personal injury law in Oregon. To those who are not our clients, what follows is not specific legal advice, but only general information. This information will not address your specific legal need because each injury case is different and there are many exceptions to the general rules, especially regarding time deadlines. Please contact Andersen & Linthorst, P.C. at (800) 637-6622 or complete the contact form on this website if you want to have a free interview to discuss the unique issues of your case. (You have no obligation to hire us.)

About Your Lawyer

How do you pick a lawyer? How does this relationship work?

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Car Crashes

After a car crash, problems seem to spring up everywhere. Learn more about paying bills, deadlines, and managing your care.

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Sometimes a little bit of background information helps enormously.

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Immediate Needs

Getting bills paid and back to work is a pressing concern. We understand that and want to help you get there.

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Insurance Companies

Behind every defendant in a civil case is an insurance company.

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Legal Terms & Concepts

After an injury, you will likely hear many of these terms or concepts. Here’s what they mean.

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Your Injury Case

Specific questions and specific answers.

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Let Us Help You

If you have been injured and you are not sure what steps to take next, call us. We can help.

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