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A car accident can seriously disrupt your life, but a car crash lawyer in Oregon can help you pick up the pieces. While every accident is different, they all have one major challenge in common: they’re expensive. To make things worse, sometimes we don’t have the money we need for hospital stays, repair bills, and any debts we may have accrued while we were missing work. A car crash is usually avoidable, but always has an impact. It can be difficult to move forward, but with the right legal team on your side, it can be done with minimal stress.

Just as every car accident is different, every injury caused by a car accident is different too. These injuries can lead to expensive hospital stays and medical appointments, and if you’re bouncing back and forth between doctors and other medical specialists, chances are you don’t have time to clock in every day for work – in fact, you might not even be able to work at all. Lost wages are a major difficulty when it comes to staying financially stable, especially if you’re trying to focus on improving your health. After all, if you’re experiencing any of the following, working and paying off debt will probably be the last thing you’re worried about:

  • Whiplash: When the head and neck are suddenly “whipped” back and forth (usually in the event of a front or rear impact) you could be dealing with painful whiplash for several weeks. You’ll need to see a doctor that specializes in neck and back injuries – and who do you think will end up paying for those visits?
  • Broken bones: Any car accident carries the risk of broken bones – no matter how safe a manufacturer says their car might be. Despite airbags, seatbelts, crumple zones, and other high-tech safety equipment being packed into your car, you can never be 100% sure you’ll escape an accident unscathed. Broken bones means a harder time doing just about anything, including clocking in for work.
  • Burns: There’s always the possibility of a car fire causing burns. Burns are incredibly serious and painful injuries, and could require months (or even years) of rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery. Chances are, if you were in an accident that was bad enough to result in burns, you could also suffer from psychological trauma for years to come.

If you experience a bad enough accident, you’d think you’d be able to count on your insurance to pay for most – or all – of your necessary bills. However, some insurance companies are hesitant to pay what you deserve on time, especially since they make most of their money by sitting on the money they have and just cashing in on interest. However, a qualified car crash lawyer in Oregon can help you get the compensation you deserve – and more.

In a car accident, there is usually someone (or some other party) that can be held accountable for the pain and suffering you have experienced. It’s up to a lawyer to determine whose negligence caused your injuries, and whether they should pay you any additional damages. Also, if insurance fails to pay you what you need on time, a lawyer can negotiate with them to make sure you’re well looked-after.

At Andersen & Linthorst, we’re committed to ensuring each of our clients gets the representation they need so they can get the compensation they deserve. If you were in an accident because of an unsafe or negligent driver, reach out to us and see what a car crash lawyer in Oregon can do for you.

A bad driver’s automobile insurance company is required to pay for injuries caused by the bad driver. “Car accidents” include injuries caused by cars, motorcycles, semi-tractor/trailers, or any other motorized vehicle made for use on public roads.

Sometimes the bad driver has no insurance, or has too little insurance to fully take care of the injury victim. In those instances, the injured person can turn to the “uninsured motorist coverage” (UM) or “underinsured motorist coverage” (UIM) provisions of her own automobile insurance policy to compensate her for her losses. Both uninsured and underinsured policies also cover the passengers in the insured car. The passengers’ automobile insurance policies also provide the same or similar benefits. Determining which insurance policy is “primary” (and therefore pays first) can get very complicated. If you bring your insurance policy to the free interview we can help you understand the insurance available to cover your loss, after hearing the facts of your case.

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