3 Personal Injury Cases That Require Legal Assistance

December 30, 2020

Personal Injury

All personal injury incidents are unfortunate. They’re untimely accidents that take an innocent person’s life and alter it for the worst. When it comes to handling these cases, however, it is true that one doesn’t always need a lawyer to handle each and every case. If you can take pictures of the damages sustained, secure a copy of the police report, get appropriate medical treatment as soon as possible and use the appropriate insurance coverage to pay certain bills, you can represent yourself — provided that you do manage to handle the case with finesse. Doing this successfully will result in saving you tons in legal fees, but there are some types of cases where you are guaranteed to need a lawyer. These are cases that can only be successfully navigated with the resources and skills of an experienced personal injury law firm and attorney. If you decide to take on any of these cases without a lawyer, you’ll likely end up regretting your decision.

Product Defect: Product defects are instances where a product malfunctions in some way or was somehow purchased in its incomplete form. The resulting situation is one where the consumer gets injured by the defective product. Personal injury attorneys have the resources and knowledge to conduct extensive discovery processes that’ll unveil the practices of companies so it can be determined whether or not these situations are recurring, as well as the degree and consistency of negligence performed at the company. Presenting this evidence well will not only strengthen your case, but it will also increase the potential for a higher settlement.

Dog Bite: An attack from a neighbor’s dog is an incredibly unfortunate situation, but one that must be handled nonetheless. It’s incredibly difficult for some to handle their own case when the assailant isn’t a human being, but an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to conduct these cases. He or she will have the knowledge on laws regarding dog bites, from the federally mandated rules to the finer details that differ from state to state. Dog bite injuries are vicious attacks that can leave a person permanently disfigured for life, so it’s important that these cases be expertly handled.

Medical Malpractice: One of the most devastating personal injury situations are those of medical malpractice. Whether it’s an honest mistake or intentional act, a medical malpractice case is one that ought to be handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer. As they do in product defect cases, lawyers can use discovery methods that can uncover the truth behind a doctor’s practice and procedures. They will also be skilled in negotiating the highest settlement possible that is representative of the justice you deserve. 


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