Serious Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford OR

Serious Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford OR

Serious Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Medford ORMotorcycle accidents are some of the worst accidents that a person can go through. These accidents unfortunately can be quite severe and even fatal in many instances. They also happen for a variety of different reasons that many times are out of the motorcycle riders’ control. If you, a friend, a family member, or someone you know have recently been in a motorcycle accident then it’s important to understand that lawsuit or case can be made against the at-fault party. Compensation for pain and suffering as well as a variety of other things may be available. Reach out to a serious motorcycle accident lawyer in Medford, OR from Andersen Morse & Linthorst to get your case started.

How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is from lack of awareness from other vehicles on the road. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver and may not notice a motorcycle ahead of them or beside them. Their lack of awareness and negligence has led to numerous motorcycle riders being seriously injured. Another common reason is due to poor road maintenance. Many roads are poorly maintained and lack proper smooth surfaces free from potholes or large bumps. Roads should be safe to drive on whether you are in a car, truck, or on a motorcycle. 

How a Lawyer Can Help

A Medford, OR serious motorcycle accident lawyer can be of great assistance following a motorcycle accident. Our lawyers will take the time to better understand the situation and circumstances involved with your motorcycle accident. We will conduct our own investigation into fault and ensure that each document corresponding to the accident is reviewed for accuracy and logic. We also will be there every step of the way to answer any questions and provide the guidance that you may need. With our experience, skills, and knowledge at Andersen Morse & Linthorst dealing with numerous motorcycle accident cases over the years, we know we can help you as well.

Potential Damages Available

Damages in the form of compensation or other benefits may be available to victims of a serious motorcycle accident. Some of those damages include:

Lost wages from work – If the accident is severe enough to keep the victim from going to work then lost wages may be compensated both for the past wages lost following the crash as well as future lost wages.

Pain and suffering – Pain and suffering will be a determined amount that is given to the victim of the accident. Each accident is different and depending on the circumstances the amount paid out could be significant. No one should be left to suffer the pain due to someone else’s clear fault with no repercussions.

Bills and sessions compensated – Doctor’s visits, therapy sessions, medical bills, and other accident-related expenses are generally paid for from the case. Again, no one should be left to pay all of the bills from their accident when it was out of their control and caused by someone else’s poor decision-making or lack of judgment. 

Legal Counsel

While being the victim of a motorcycle accident can be an extremely difficult thing to go through it’s important to know that help exists. The person or party who caused this accident should be held responsible for their poor actions. Expenses and suffering are things that should be compensated to the victim. Reach out to us today to speak with a Medford, OR serious motorcycle accident lawyer at Andersen Morse & Linthorst to get your case started.

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