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Civil Rights Injury Lawyer Oregon

When your civil rights are violated or infringed upon, it’s a horrible feeling. It’s also frightening. You might not know where to go, whom to turn to, nor what course of action is best. Fortunately, that’s exactly where Andersen Morse & Linhorst Attorneys At Law come in. We are passionate about correcting justice and helping injured people, such as you, recover from any losses that you’ve suffered. With many years of experience and a team of aggressive attorneys, you can trust us. Everyone is entitled to the protection of their civil rights, so we will work to make sure that you have the quality legal representation that you need. If you believe that your civil rights were violated, such as during an arrest, illegal search or other scenario, you have a right to understand what legal options that you can take. Meet with a trusted and qualified civil rights lawyer so that you can be informed about your legal rights so that you can protect yourself. 

What Constitutes A Civil Rights Injury?

There are all sorts of injuries from which you can seek legal redress. Our firm specializes in personal and civil rights injuries, so it’s important that you know what constitutes a civil rights injury. Civil rights covers a number of rights that every citizen is entitled to. To start with, our glorious Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee your civil liberties. The Supreme Court has final authority in clarifying how either document should be interpreted when you bring a civil rights claim before a judge. 

In general, a civil rights injury is an occurrence where a government agent, such as a public school, officer, or public employer discriminates against you because of your race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or ancestry, or age. This discrimination can occur anywhere, and the consequences they bear on you can be quite severe. For example, if you’re discriminated against from getting hired or getting a promotion, the lack of income may put you into debt, poverty, or result in you losing your place of dwelling. If a person is denied their civil rights, they can be impacted for a long time and can experience further struggles in other areas of their life. Civil rights infringements can dramatically affect your quality of life, so it is worth finding out if you have a valid case so that you can recover the compensation and outcome that you deserve. 

Understanding how these interpretations will apply to your case can be difficult if you do not have sufficient legal knowledge. Finding a lawyer who specializes in civil rights cases and can advise you on what steps that you should take is crucial. You will need a lawyer who understands this area of the legal system and has the experience to help you obtain the case outcome that you are hoping for. 

What Kinds of Compensation Can You Receive?

Depending upon what civil rights were violated and the negative effects they led to, there’s a variety of different kinds of compensation you may be entitled to. A civil rights injury case can result in a significant amount of financial compensation. The compensation you can receive varies widely depending on the factors of your case. There are a number of damages that you can receive as a victim of a civil rights violation. These may include: 

  • Lost wages due to a situation such as being fired. 
  • Medical bills if the civil rights lawsuit led to any sort of injuries. 
  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as paying rent, food, etc. 
  • Payment for attorney and filing fees. 
  • Confinement compensation. 
  • Compensation for pain and suffering that may include mental trauma, damage to your reputation, humiliation, etc. 
  • Punitive damages. 

Ultimately, an attorney will be able to assist you and help you receive justice and the necessary compensation you deserve. They are highly knowledgeable about the various types of damages that there are, and the ones you may be able to recover. An experienced civil rights injury attorney has experience handling many types of cases, so they will be prepared to help you no matter what the circumstances of your case is. There may even be situations where the defendant will want to settle out before the case goes to court. This is quite common. In fact, most cases do not go to trial. 

However, often they try to undercut the compensation you deserve. This is a common strategy that many defendants make. They may try to get out of paying you the compensation that you are entitled to. You should be wary of the tactics or moves that the defendant will attempt to make. If they extend an offer to you, you should always have a lawyer evaluate it first before you give them an answer. Even when an initial offer sounds attractive, your lawyer will help determine if it’s within reason as well as negotiate on your behalf and provide legal pressure. 

How Much Does A Civil Rights Injury Attorney Cost?

You may be wondering what your estimated costs will be if you choose to hire a civil rights attorney to represent you. The payment for a civil rights injury lawyer can vary depending upon both the state and law firm as well as the case itself. Typically, lawyers have two forms of payment. The first form is hourly pay with/without a retainer fee. It’s not uncommon for a civil rights attorney to be paid $200+ an hour. Hourly pay is generally when the lawyer may not be confident of the case’s outcome. Conversely, they may believe that it will be a simple case to resolve. 

Another form of payment is when a lawyer works based upon a contingency fee. Instead of paying the lawyer upfront, the lawyer will instead receive a percentage of the final settlement/court award. This can especially be fruitful in the case where a client has lost their job. In this scenario, the lawyer will also only be paid if the case is won. 

Sometimes a lawyer may also offer a combination of the two. This is commonly referred to as a success fee where the lawyer is paid a lower hourly rate in exchange for a lower percentage of the final settlement or court award. There are also pro bono cases where a lawyer will work on the case without charging a legal fee. Although far from the norm, many lawyers try to carve out time every year to work on pro bono cases. 

It’s best to be as straightforward as possible when consulting a lawyer’s services to make sure both parties are on the same page when it comes to payment. Make sure that you know what the upfront fees are, and what you will be expected to pay later on. Before you hire a lawyer, find out how they structure their costs so that everything is transparent. In the case of a contingency fee, it’s good practice to have either a set percentage or dollar amount to be written out in a legally binding contract. 

What Can A Civil Rights Injury Attorney Do For You?

Recovering from a civil rights violation is not a venture you should take on alone. These types of cases are often incredibly complex, especially since they deal with federal laws. If you are facing a government entity such as the police or local city officials, your case may be even harder to navigate. You should work with a lawyer who has a strong record of handling these cases and successfully advocating for their clients.  Not only would you have to study legal jargon, you’d be responsible for proving that you have standing; filling out and submitting legal documents timely and properly; crafting legal arguments; and you’d have to face experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who have years–if not decades–of experience under their belts. We don’t say this to scare you. We simply want to paint an honest picture of what all a civil rights case entails.

Fortunately, rather than spending countless hours studying all this, you can depend on the lawyers at Andersen Morse & Linthorst in Oregon to help protect your rights. We’ll fight aggressively on your behalf. We work with you, and we can help you decide whether a settlement or litigation is in your best interest. We’ll tell your story how it needs to be told, and we’ll work our hardest to see to it that your violators have to pay for any losses you incurred. 

Your rights and protections matter to us. We understand that traveling to a law office can be difficult. We don’t want travel to be a reason that your violated rights go unchecked. Therefore, for your convenience, we have offices located in Medford, Grants Pass, and Klamath Falls, Oregon. We’re also serving the Ashland area. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment or for a free consultation with a civil rights injury lawyer in Oregon. If, for some reason, you must cancel your appointment or reschedule, please let us know in advance.


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