Damages That Lawyers May Seek

July 19, 2023

Car Accident Lawyer

Compensatory Damages:

Compensatory damages are the primary form of damages sought by lawyers on behalf of their clients. These damages are meant to cover the costs that victims are faced with following a legal matter such as a car accident. They can be divided into economic damages, which cover quantifiable financial losses like medical expenses and property damage, and non-economic damages, which address intangible losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life.

Punitive Damages:

Punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, serve a dual purpose of punishing the defendant and deterring similar behavior in the future. If a defendant’s negligence was particularly egregious, a car accident lawyer like one from Patterson Bray, PLLC may decide to seek punitive damages as well. These damages go beyond compensating the injured party and are awarded as a form of punishment for the defendant’s egregious conduct.


Restitution is a type of damages sought by lawyers to restore the injured party to their pre-incident state. A qualified lawyer may seek restitution so that a client may be able to recover to their previous condition. Restitution may include reimbursement for medical bills, property damage, and other out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the incident, aiming to provide the injured party with the necessary financial recovery.

Injunctive Relief:

In some cases, monetary compensation may not be sufficient to address the harm caused. Lawyers may seek injunctive relief, which involves obtaining a court order that requires the defendant to either cease engaging in a specific behavior or perform a particular action. Injunctive relief is often sought in cases involving intellectual property disputes, breaches of contract, or situations where protecting the client’s rights and preventing further harm are paramount. This helps to add a lawyer of enforcement so that no additional harm is committed.

To learn more information about what specific damages that you are eligible for after a car accident, request a consultation with a trusted lawyer now.

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