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Elder Abuse lawyer in Oregon

Elder Abuse lawyer OregonElder abuse is the mistreatment or exploitation of senior citizens and if your loved one has gone through this then you could need an elder abuse lawyer in Oregon. There are many different forms it can take and the main types are explained below. If your loved one is showing signs of elder abuse then don’t hesitate to reach out to Andersen & Linthorst for more information about what can be done to help your family member in need. 

Types of Elder Abuse

Physical Abuse

By far the most common type of abuse is that of physical force. Physical abuse happens when a senior citizen is a victim of physical forced likely to result in injury, pain, or impairment. The most common forms are hitting, striking, beating, pushing, shaking, kicking, slapping, force-feeding, excessive use of physical restraints or drugs, and holding someone against their will.

As people get older physical contact that is harsh can easily cause bruising or damage to the skin. If the intent is to harm or to control against someone’s will it could be considered physical abuse. This doesn’t mean stopping someone from hurting themselves, however. 

Emotional Abuse 

When it comes to emotional abuse it is defined as an act that causes emotional pain, distress, or anguish. Common forms are going to include verbal assault, intimidation, humiliation, threats, insults, or treating a senior citizen like children. You’ll find that this is a common need for a nursing home abuse lawyer in Oregon. Sadly not all nursing homes have the best interest of your loved one at heart. 

Contacting an elder abuse lawyer in Oregon like Andersen & Linthorst can help bring to light the abuse senior citizens can face. 


Often this will be when the caregiver fails to fulfill his or her dirty to provide the care needed by an elderly person. This can happen within a nursing home or with a caregiver in your own home. Neglect is either active or passive, meaning the caregiver intentionally withholds care or becomes unable to fulfill the needs for any number of reasons and fails to correct the issue. 

Neglect is the failure to meet life necessities such as food, water, shelter, personal hygiene, medication, safety, and basic comfort. Neglect often contributes to emotional abuse as well. 

Financial or Material Exploitation

This is another form of abuse by covering that of finances. Financial abuse covers confidence jobs, theft, and many other methods to extract financial gain from senior citizens. You’ll find scammers are the ones that do this the most, and typically they are telemarketers that take advantage of people. 

There is often an emotional ploy to get the money out of someone. 


Abandonment occurs when the caretaker or legal guardian leaves an elderly person to fend for themselves. Common forms of abandonment include leaving someone at a nursing home or shopping mall and never coming back for them. 

If you feel your senior citizen is the victim of abuse then reach out to an elder abuse lawyer in Oregon to understand your case. The law offices of Andersen & Linthorst want to help you get justice for your family member so they can get the care they rightly deserve. No one should have to suffer abuse and if your loved one was harmed they deserve compensation. 

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