Legal Malpractice Attorney Medford OR

Legal Malpractice Attorney Medford OR

Legal Malpractice Attorney Medford ORMedford OR legal malpractice attorneys can provide you with legal guidance you can trust, especially in the wake of a bad experience with a lawyer. Have you suffered financial or personal loss from a lawyers’ wrongdoing? Do you believe you were unfortunately misled or taken advantage of by a lawyer who was supposed to be your legal representative? Are you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed with the outcome or current standing of a case because of a lawyer’s unethical practice? If any of these things apply to you, please call our Medford OR legal malpractice lawyer at Andersen & Linthorst.

When a Lawyer Doesn’t Do Their Job

Most lawyers in Oregon will conform to the highest of ethical standards. They work diligently and uphold their duty to their clients. However, there is a small percentage of lawyers who do not meet these standards. Whenever a lawyer falls short of this goal, the consequences can be devastating. Luckily a Medford OR legal malpractice lawyer can provide you with various options. These may include filing a complaint with your state bar association, filing a claim for compensation, or even filing a lawsuit. 

If you have been harmed in some way because of a lawyer’s incompetence, negligence, wrongdoing, unscrupulous behavior, or otherwise unethical action, it is possible to bring forth a legal malpractice claim. To learn more, please call our legal malpractice lawyer serving Medford OR.

Andersen & Linthorst: Providing Effective Legal Representation in Legal Malpractice Claims

We know how difficult it must be for clients to have been let down by their lawyer, especially when there was such a high chance of winning a case. Guided by years of experience, our Medford OR legal malpractice lawyers at Andersen & Linthorst has taken decisive action in all different types of claims and lawsuits against another lawyer or firm. 

In a legal malpractice case, a lawyer must be able to:

  • Prove a client-attorney relationship existed
  • There was an act of negligence or wrongdoing by the lawyer
  • This act causes economic damages, and the damage was a result of the mistake
  • The initial, or underlying case, would have been won had the lawyer done his or her job similar to that of another lawyer

It should be noted that you cannot claim legal malpractice just because you lost a case. Our Medford OR legal malpractice lawyers share that legal malpractice refers to:

  • Failure to file documentation by the statute of limitations or deadlines
  • Failing to show for court dates and scheduled hearings
  • Conflict of interest
  • Incompetence
  • Failure to properly advise
  • Failing to sue the right party/entity
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of legal ethics
  • Failing to communicate
  • Failing to pursue all possible remedies
  • Misrepresentation
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • + More

As a legal malpractice lawyer serving Medford OR, we have represented clients in a broad range of cases. This allows us to readily identify underlying issues, find evidence, and build as strong of a case as possible while using the correct course of action. Like all other cases, there are statute of limitations to filing for a legal malpractice claim or lawsuit. These cases need ample amounts of time to discover evidence and build a defense. The sooner you contact a Medford OR legal malpractice lawyer, the better. 

No One is Above the Law

We believe that no one is above the law, and this includes lawyers. We also believe that lawyers should conform to the highest standards of professional conduct. When he or she does not, they should be held accountable, just as anyone else would. Many law firms will not stand across from another lawyer and tell them that they are wrong, but we will whenever necessary. In doing so we believe that we are protecting our clients’ best interests, but also the best interests of the profession as a whole. 

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