Maryland Truck Accidents

March 1, 2023

Maryland truck accident lawyerIf you or a loved one have experienced an accident involving a truck, it would be in your best interest to contact a Maryland truck accident lawyer at Cohen & Cohen whom clients can trust with their cases. 

Why do truck accidents occur?

Truck accidents may occur for several different reasons. Poor weather conditions such as ice, sleet, heavy rain, or snow may make it difficult to drive properly. Animals may choose to cross the road, and drivers either hit them straight on or swerve to miss the animal, colliding with another car or object instead. Pedestrians may be walking outside of the crosswalk, creating an accident. Faulty breaks on a vehicle may cause a collision with one or more vehicles. These are just a few of the many reasons why a truck accident may happen. Although in these situations an accident may be unavoidable, drivers should still be thoroughly trained in how to handle these unforeseen circumstances with minimal damage, avoiding accidents if at all possible. 

How can truck drivers prevent accidents from happening?

Drivers can prevent some accidents from occurring by limiting their distractions and remaining focused on what is happening on the road. The main source of distraction for truck drivers, as well as any other vehicle driver, is cell phone use. Not only can talking on the phone limit the driver’s ability to completely focus but nowadays with smartphone technology the distractions are endless. Drivers can now check their email, update social media, text, video chat, surf the internet, and get directions all from their smartphones. The use of cell phones is so dangerous that many states have outlawed the use of the while driving entirely, making it illegal. Drivers should be aware of these dangers, and turn off or put away their cell phones before starting their vehicles to drive. Other distractions may include eating, applying makeup, listening to music, or interacting with other passengers in the truck or car. 

What should survivors of truck accidents do immediately following an accident?

Immediately following a traumatic event such as a truck accident, survivors should contact emergency services by calling 9-1-1. Emergency vehicles such as firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances will rush to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. If victims of a crash are stuck in their vehicle, firefighters will use heavy machinery and tools to extract them. Paramedics will perform medical examinations on-site, and transport injured victims to nearby hospitals. Police officers will work hard to redirect traffic and take official statements of what happened in the accident. 

How can truck accident lawyers help their clients?

Maryland truck accident lawyers help their clients in many ways from gathering evidence, filing paperwork for lawsuits, negotiating settlements with insurance companies, and supporting their clients throughout the whole legal process. Experienced attorneys assist their clients as they pursue compensation for damages sustained in the truck accident. Damages may include injuries, pain and trauma, job loss, medical bills, income loss, and decreased quality of life. Contact a Maryland truck accident lawyer today and start your journey toward justice, and compensation following a truck accident. 

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