Mistakes Commonly Made In Personal Injury Cases

March 27, 2023

Serious Injury Lawyer

If you are trying to see what kind of damages that you can recover for a personal injury claim, do not procrastinate because time is limited. You only have a few years to file a valid personal injury claim, and a lawyer will need as much time as they can to help you submit the claim in time. Many people who file a claim make simple mistakes that have cost them compensation or resulted in delays and other issues. Know common and frequent mistakes that you should avoid so that you can resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Not talking to a lawyer early 

Whenever you have any kind of legal situation that you are having trouble responding to and finding a solution for on your own, you may want to consider speaking to an experienced lawyer about your predicament. Waiting too long to get your questions answered can reduce the amount of time that you have to get assistance for your case. A skilled personal injury lawyer such as one from Hall-Justice Law Firm, LLC can offer a variety of services to you, such as case evaluations, paperwork assistance, and trial representation.

Wait to get medical care

Many people who have been in personal injury accidents only go to the doctor after an accident if they feel like they have been seriously injured. This is a major mistake because getting medical care right after being in an accident is critical. It is not only beneficial for your health, but it allows you to obtain core pieces of evidence for your case. An important piece of evidence that all accident victims should get are medical records that show that they were treated shortly after the accident occurred.

Admitting fault or accepting blame

Be careful of what you say if you have been in a personal injury accident. When you are talking to people such as police officers, medical professionals, or other people who are at the scene, do not give them an apology. If they are trying to say that you caused the accident or that you played a role that led to the accident, do not confirm it. You do not legally owe anyone an explanation, and apologizing even if you have good intentions can hurt your case. Only share this information to a lawyer so that they can protect your rights.

Saying yes to the first offer

It is likely that you may end up receiving a settlement offer that can seem like a fair proposal. The insurance company may tell you you will be getting a fair offer and they may suggest that you should just accept it, but do not fall for their trap. With a lawyer’s help, they can work to see what kind of settlement package that you are actually entitled to receive. Do not settle for anything less and always first speak to a lawyer to discuss any offers that you get. To find out more, set up a consultation with a top-rated lawyer that you can rely on for legal assistance.

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