Responding Following A Slip & Fall Injury 

May 26, 2023

Brain Injury Attorney

When you enter a store to do your routine weekend grocery shopping, the last thing you expect to leave the store with is a slip and fall injury. It is likely that you shop at this store for your family because it is kept nice and clean, so you normally expect the floors to be swept and freshly mopped.  But what you don’t expect is there to be no sign indicating a wet floor. Our friends at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch explain that if you or someone you know has suffered a slip and fall injury due to a wet floor in a store or any location, it is likely that there is compensation that can be awarded to you.

It is a property owner, or manager’s duty to place warning signs on floors that are slippery than they would be on a regular basis due to mopping, painting, or anything that can lead to an injury. When this does not happen, and someone is hurt because of it, it becomes the responsibility of the property owner. This is not something that happens only on tile or hardwood floors like many people may suspect, although very common. Rugs may not be properly placed on the ground, carpet may be torn or lifted out of place, floor may be uneven, and there may also be breakage in the floor that causes a trip. If parties that may come in contact with this poorly managed, or freshly maintained flooring have not been informed, this can cause a slip and fall accident.

If you have been a victim of a slip and fall accident, just like in auto accidents, it is best to gather information of any witnesses, photos of the scene in which the incident occurred, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and contact an attorney. 

By speaking with a skilled brain injury attorney, you allow yourself the opportunity to focus on healing. With the right attorney, liability will be proven, and with the facts of your case presented, you will receive compensation for the injuries sustained. In some cases, lost wages, and pain and suffering are also accounted for. Slips and falls can occur anywhere, so it is wise to pay attention to your surroundings. However, no matter the condition of the premises, some things are inevitable. Speak with an attorney so that you are not punished any more than you have to be for someone else’s negligence.

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