Corinne Drake

Office Manager & Legal Assistant
Corinne Drake

Corinne Drake has been a legal assistant with the firm since 1999 and is also our office manager. Her knowledge and insight of civil litigation allows her to help keep each case on track and moving towards conclusion. Her consideration and sympathy for each client, and her unfailing diligence and skills are evident in everything she does.

Corinne is in charge of the office flow, and is the first point of contact for new clients.  She is responsible for calendaring hearings, trials and depositions, and assists the attorneys in investigating liability facts.   She assists the attorneys with all electronic filings, discovery requests and responses, and also helps to prepare, gather and organize exhibits, and reminds the team of all deadlines. Corinne also helps prepare pleadings, service of summons and subpoenas, and assists the attorneys in formatting trial exhibits into electronic form. She also keeps the firm up to date with the latest technology and handles our computer maintenance.

Corinne has lived in the Rogue Valley most of her life, and enjoys traveling, boating, camping, and spending time in the outdoors with her family.

Also serving Ashland, Jacksonville, Applegate, White City, Central Point, Eagle Point, and people all over the State of Oregon