David Linthorst

David Linthorst

David is a proud Oregonian who started his professional life as an ironworker. After a change of course which included a philosophy degree, a law degree, and a clerkship with a Federal Judge on the US-Mexico border, David returned to Oregon to practice law. He coaches mock trial at Crater High School and enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons on the trails, rivers, and backroads of the West. He loves bicycles of all types and enjoys racing cyclocross.

David works for people who are badly injured and for the families of people who pass away because the negligent or reckless acts of others. He develops close relationships with his clients so that he can understand and tell their story.


Working with David Linthorst was a great experience resulting in a very positive financial outcome for me. David is an energetic, down-to-earth person, as well as being a professional and highly-accomplished lawyer. He has a unique combination of being both very strong & firm, and possessing excellent negotiating skills. I have worked with many lawyers over the years and most of them have been a huge disappointment. If you are lucky enough to work with David, you are in good hands!

Anne Client

At a time while healing up after three surgeries from injuries caused by another’s negligence in a motorcycle crash, I was hit in a crosswalk while walking and the driver ran from the scene without checking my wellness. I had injuries. The Kelly Andersen group was referred to me by a friend and another attorney recommended Dave who was at this firm. What I liked most was their honesty. No promises made other than they would do their best for me. Complicated overlapping injuries and still received what I feel is a favorable settlement. Dave is a great guy and the Andersen group are great people as well.

Ed Client

David kept us informed without having to ask for information, told us beforehand what we could expect and what would be required from us. Really was an experience we were pleased with, would definitely enlist his services if the need should arise.

Donna & David Client