HB 2821

The Oregon Legislature is considering House Bill (HB) 2821. This bill changes the way auto insurance works in Oregon in a couple different ways to protect the consumer who buys the insurance rather than the insurance company. This bill deals with PIP (personal injury protection) which pays for your medical bills after an auto collision
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Are Frivolous Lawsuits Driving Out Businesses?

“Cost and frequency of lawsuits/threatened lawsuits” was ranked 71st out of 75 business concerns according to the August 2012 National Federation of Independent Businesses publication Small Business Problems and Priorities (8th ed.). How to use Twitter was ranked as a more pressing concern for small businesses (the 70th ranking concern was “using social media to promote business”). Based on the
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New Documentary: Hot Coffee

A new movie focused on access to the civil justice system and tort reform efforts has received a lot of attention lately. Hot Coffee, produced and directed by Ashland, Oregon resident Susan Saladoff, showcases four legal cases, including the infamous McDonald’s coffee case, and explores what really happened and what was going on behind the
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What is underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage?

Much like a misplaced tool, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage don’t get noticed until something goes wrong and they are needed. Auto Liability Insurance Basics Oregon law requires that everyone who drives must have car insurance which covers both the driver and passengers. This mandatory insurance includes liability coverage. This means that every driver
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After a car wreck, feed your brain

If you’ve just been in a car wreck or hit your head, one of the most important things you can do is grab a snack. Preferably as you’re on your way to get medical attention. The Institute of Medicine recently released a report showing that after head trauma, you need to eat a lot of protein within
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