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Elder Abuse Neglect Lawyer Oregon

Elder Abuse Neglect Lawyer Oregon Elder Abuse Neglect Lawyer Oregon

When your loved one moves into an elder care facility, you expect, and trust, they will be treated with the utmost respect. While many elderly men and women do receive this support, some do not. Up to 40 percent of elderly care home residents have reported abuse and 90 percent have reported they or someone they know has been neglected. Sadly, it is often an elders loved ones who realize something isn’t right and choose to take the next steps. If you’re reading this, you might be wondering if neglect or abuse is happening, and at what point should you seek the help of an elder abuse neglect lawyer Oregon trusts. 

Listen to Your Loved One

We recommend maintaining close contact with your loved one while they reside in an elder care facility. Unfortunately, since Covid-19, this has become very difficult to do. In this case, utilizing technology like face to face phone calls should be considered. If your loved one has suggested any form of mistreatment, please take it seriously. Listen to what they describe, ask them questions, and keep a detailed record of what is being said. You might also talk with them about what they want you to do. In case your loved one struggles to communicate with you, or is afraid to talk, you should look out for common signs of abuse and neglect. 

Signs of Physical Abuse

As an Oregon elder abuse neglect lawyer might explain, physical abuse in  nursing homes can involve abuse from workers or other residents. It is possible for a worker to lie to cover up the abuse, so you should talk with your loved one about what happened. For example, if you notice bruises on the body, ask your loved one where they came from. Abuse might also come in the form of improper medication administration or medication restraint. In these situations, physical signs might not be as obvious. However, you might notice your loved one being incapciated, inebriated, delusional, confused, withdrawn, or acting out of character. 

Signs of Neglect

Neglect often doesn’t present too many signs. A neglectful worker might not intentionally be trying to harm a patient, but the end result could include distress or injury. If a worker, or facility, is neglecting their responsibilities, your elderly loved one could experience the consequences. An elder abuse neglect lawyer in Oregon should be consulted for advice. Examples of neglect include dehydration, malnutrition, failure to treat an injury or ailment, poor hygiene, and more. 

Elder abuse and neglect can be very upsetting. No elderly person deserves to be treated so inhumanely. There are legal steps you can take to protect your loved one, as well as those who may be just as vulnerable at the facility. To learn more, call Andersen Morse & Linthorst. 

Protect Your Loved One by Filing a Complaint or Report

Even if you only suspect something isn’t right, you should file a report or complaint. You don’t need solid proof of abuse or neglect. Furthermore, if you honestly believe this is happening, you cannot be penalized. Management also has a duty to respond to your concerns. You should take detailed notes about the conversation and actions taken by the management of the facility. If no action is taken, or if your elderly loved one is being retaliated against, this might act as further evidence in a claim. When you approach your loved one about what is happening, they might respond in an angry or upset manner. They could be offended or embarrassed or might not say anything. They are vulnerable, and this response is normal. We recommend talking with an elder abuse neglect lawyer in Oregon to understand how to approach the situation, how to file a complaint, and things you should or should not say or do. 

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