Elder Abuse Neglect Lawyer Oregon

Elder Abuse Neglect Lawyer Oregon

Elder Abuse Neglect Lawyer Oregon

Elder abuse can happen anywhere – in the elder’s own home, in a relative’s house, or at a nursing care facility. The abuse can be physical or emotional. Elder abuse is difficult to define because it takes so many different forms, but at its core it is taking advantage of a person who is vulnerable. This can range from physical abuse (like beating or neglect) to sexual assault, isolation, theft, or abandonment (leaving an elderly person alone who cannot care for herself). The effects of this abuse can range from serious injuries (such as broken bones or bed sores) to financial ruin (theft of the elderly person’s assets by a trusted caregiver, family member, or clever salesman) and even to death (in cases of severe abuse or neglect).

Elder abuse isn’t always intentional. Caregivers are sometimes overwhelmed, or tired, or just plain careless. An elderly person who has been harmed either intentionally or negligently may have a claim for abuse. If you or your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, please contact us for a free interview with no obligation.

Who can suffer from elder abuse?

Any elderly person can suffer from abuse, but often they may have no family or friends that are consistently in their lives. People with disabilities, who suffer from memory loss, or who are dependent on others for care are particularly susceptible to abuse because they rely on others for their daily needs such as bathing, medication, feeding and transportation. If you suspect that you or someone else you know has been abused, contact Andersen & Linthorst to consult with one of our elder abuse and neglect lawyers in Oregon

Abuse can take many forms

Oftentimes, an abuser will take advantage of someone in multiple ways. These can include:

  • Physical abuse occurs when the abuser physically harms an eldery person. They may have hit, kicked, pushed or slapped the person. It can also include physically restraining a person by keeping them locked in a room or otherwise impeding their movement against their will. 
  • Sexual Abuse consitsts of forcing a person to perform, be part of or watch sexual acts with out their concent. 
  • Verbal Abuse, or emotional abuse, takes place when the abuser speaks in such a way that threatens, manipulates, isolates or gaslights an older adult. This behavior is meant to control the person and keep them separated from friends and family so the abuser can maintain power over them. 
  • Abandonment is when a person has left an elderly person alone without planned care. 
  • Neglect transpires when an elderly person’s needs are deliberately left unmet. The abuser may have ignored their needs or withheld essentials like food, medication or water. 
  • Financial Abuse occurs when an older person’s money or belongings are stolen from them. This can range from the theft of jewelry or a television to cash, checks or credit cards. In some cases, the abuser may have forced an eldery person to change their will, open up a new bank account or credit card, or change the name on a house title. They also may have done these actions without their knowledge or permission. 

Signs that you or a loved one were abused

If your loved one is exhibiting the following signs, you should consider finding an elder abuse and neglect lawyer in Oregon. A person who is being abused may:

  • Stop spending time with friends and family
  • Cease participating in activities they once enjoyed
  • Look unkempt (messy hair, dirty clothes, poor hygiene, etc.)
  • Regularly have bruises, cuts, scrapes, burns or other unexplained injuries 
  • Have emotional outbursts, be withdrawn, or act distressed
  • Live in an unclean environment with unsafe conditions 
  • Lack the medical care they need (medication, walker, or bed turning so they don’t develop sores)
  • Have unpaid bills even though they have the financial means to pay them

What you can do to stop abuse

Talk to your loved one about what they are experiencing in a place they feel safe. It is important to document these signs when you see them. Report signs of abuse to adult protective services, who will send someone to professionally investigate what is happening. You can also take a proactive approach by hiring a lawyer, who will represent your loved one’s best interests. At Andersen & Linthorst, our experienced lawyers will work to hold your loved one’s abusers accountable. Call us today to learn what our elder abuse and neglect lawyer in Oregon can do for you. 

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