Life-Altering Injury Lawyer Grants Pass, OR

Life-Altering Injury Lawyer Grants Pass, OR Life-Altering Injury Lawyer Grants Pass, OR

If you have suffered significant physical harm while on the job, please connect with a life-altering injury lawyer Grants Pass, OR workers trust, and please make this connection as soon as you possibly can. Chances are very good that you are entitled to pursue at least one form of significant compensation as a result of the harm you have suffered. The experienced Oregon legal team at Andersen & Linthorst has extensive experience representing the interests of injured workers. Once we have learned more about the unique circumstances you’re currently navigating, we’ll be able to advise you regarding any and all legal options available to you at this time.

Our firm believes that hard-working people deserve to understand their rights under the law. We’ll never try to “sell” you on our services. Instead, we’ll provide you with our knowledgeable, experienced, and client-focused assessment of what your options are and the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case. At that time, you’ll be empowered to make – without any pressure from our team – an informed decision about how you’d like to move forward. Should you decide to pursue legal action of any kind, our firm will do our utmost to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you’re entitled to under the circumstances.

What Are My Legal Options if I Suffered Catastrophic Injury While on the Job?

When you meet with a catastrophic injury lawyer Grants Pass, OR workers trust, you’ll be given a full, objective rundown of your legal options at this time. If you’re classified as a full-time or part-time employee (or are improperly classified as an independent contractor), chances are good that you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Our firm can assist you with securing the full amount of benefits you’re owed. You may also be in a position to file a successful personal injury lawsuit against one or more parties who may have significantly contributed to the cause of your injuries. Some injured workers are in a position to collect workers’ compensation benefits and to pursue a personal injury suit against third-parties simultaneously.

Legal Assistance Is Available

When a work-related injury alters your life, you’re left with a great deal of information to process about your health, your livelihood, and your future generally. It can be tempting to “put off” exploring your legal options in the wake of sustaining catastrophic injury, as you may (very understandably) view the legal side of your situation as one more stressor adding to an already stressful situation. However, by exploring your legal options, you may find that you’re ultimately less burdened and more empowered than you were before. By learning about the kind(s) of compensation you may be entitled to, you can begin to process the ways in which your injuries will and won’t practically impact your family’s finances.

In the wake of a life-altering injury, knowledge is – indeed – power. Connect with a Grants Pass, OR life-altering injury lawyer at our firm today to learn more about your options; we look forward to speaking with you.

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